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Patent # Description
US-9,047,797 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
An image display apparatus and a method for controlling the same are provided. The method includes displaying at least one of a left-eye object or a right-eye...
US-9,047,711 Mobile terminal and 3D image control method thereof
According to one embodiment, a method for controlling display of an image in a mobile terminal includes: displaying a two-dimensional (2D) image including a...
US-9,046,918 Portable device and method for controlling the same
A method for controlling a portable device is provided. The method includes detecting bending of the portable device and determining whether to perform motion...
US-9,046,301 Refrigerator condensate drain pipe with end cap for facilitating opening of refrigerator door
Provided is a refrigerator, which includes a drain pan, a drain pipe, and a drain cap. The drain pan is disposed under an evaporator, and includes a drain port...
US-9,046,294 Refrigerator and method for controlling the same
Provided is a refrigerator, which includes a refrigerating compartment, a freezing compartment, and a door assembly. The freezing compartment is adjacent to the...
US-9,045,853 Laundry treating apparatus
A laundry treating apparatus, e.g., washing machine, and a tub provided in the cabinet. A drum is rotatably provided in the tub for receiving laundry, and a...
US-9,045,850 Controlling method of laundry device
There may be disclosed a controlling method of a laundry treating apparatus including a low speed rotation step of rotating a motor configured to rotate a drum...
US-9,044,134 Dishwasher
A capable of efficiently disposing nozzles spraying washing water is provided. A dishwasher includes a washing tub, an upper rack, a lower rack and a middle...
US-D731,132 Washing machine
US-D731,131 Washing machine
US-D731,129 Washing machine
US-D731,128 Washing machine
US-D731,127 Washing machine
US-D731,126 Washing machine
US-D730,958 Door for refrigerator
US-D730,957 Drawer for refrigerator
US-D730,956 Refrigerator door
US-D730,955 Refrigerator
US-D730,954 Drawer for refrigerator
US-D730,943 Blu-ray disk player
US-D730,933 Display of mobile phone with transitional graphical user interface
US-D730,929 Television with graphical user interface
US-D730,928 Television with graphical user interface
US-D730,927 Television with graphical user interface
US-D730,926 Television with graphical user interface
US-D730,917 Television with graphical user interface
US-D730,885 Cellular phone
US-D730,884 Cellular phone
US-D730,882 Cellular phone
US-D730,881 Cellular phone
US-D730,867 Wireless headset
US-D730,862 Mobile phone
US-D730,861 Mobile phone
US-D730,860 Mobile phone
US-D730,858 Television receiver
US-D730,857 Television receiver
US-D730,856 Television receiver
US-D730,855 Television receiver
US-D730,749 Packaging box for small-sized electronic device
US-9,043,940 Method for controlling content and digital device using the same
A method and device for controlling content that includes plural display pages in a sequence, the method including: displaying a current page included in the...
US-9,043,900 Display device and method for controlling the same
A display device is disclosed. The display device comprising: a display unit; a sensor unit; a storage unit; and a processor configured to: provide feedback for...
US-9,043,836 Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using...
A virtual channel table for broadcasting protocol and a method for broadcasting by using the virtual channel table includes identification information...
US-9,043,709 Electronic device and method for providing menu using the same
An electronic device and a method for providing a menu are disclosed. The electronic device displays a plurality of words on the screen, detects a first action...
US-9,043,687 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method of transmitting and receiving a signal
A method is provided for receiving a signal. The method includes receiving a signal transmitted in a radio frequency (RF) band including at least one RF...
US-9,043,318 Mobile terminal and photo searching method thereof
The present disclosure relates to a mobile terminal and a photo search method thereof capable of searching and displaying photos shared by the cloud and SNS...
US-9,043,033 Network system and control method thereof
A network system may be provided that includes an electronic product, a recognition target, a recognition device, a setting program and a display unit. The...
US-9,042,925 Method and apparatus for reducing inter-cell interference in a wireless communication system
The present invention relates to a method including aligning a boundary of a downlink subframe from the first base station to a first user equipment with a...
US-9,042,896 Method and apparatus for efficient zone switch operation in a broadband wireless access system
A wireless access system and, more particularly, a method and apparatus for more efficiently performing zone switch are disclosed. The method of performing zone...
US-9,042,559 Apparatus for processing an audio signal and method thereof
An apparatus for processing an audio signal and method thereof are disclosed. The present invention includes receiving a downmix signal and side information;...
US-9,042,484 Method and apparatus of transmitting training signal in wireless local area network system
A method of transmitting a training signal in a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) system includes generating one or more first training signals for a first...
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