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Patent # Description
US-D836,867 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner
US-D836,860 Washing machine
US-D836,763 Water turbine for air purifier with humidifier
US-D836,762 Filter case for air purifier with humidifier
US-D836,759 Air conditioner
US-D836,618 Stand for a television receiver
US-D836,610 Speaker
US-D836,609 Speaker
US-D836,608 Speaker
US-D836,607 Audio visual box for TV receiver
US-D836,605 Audio visual box for TV receiver
US-D836,604 Sound bar
US-D836,601 Audio player
US-D836,588 Television receiver
US-D836,587 TV receiver
US-D836,586 TV receiver
US-D836,585 TV receiver
US-D836,584 TV receiver
US-D836,583 TV receiver
US-D836,582 TV receiver
US-D836,578 Audio visual box for a television receiver
US-D836,577 Audio visual box for a television receiver
US-D836,576 Audio visual box for television receiver
US-D836,575 Audio visual box for a television receiver
US-D836,574 Audio visual box for a television receiver
US-D836,496 TV receiver
US-D836,378 Microwave oven
US-D836,377 Microwave oven
US-D836,376 Microwave oven
US-D836,375 Induction range
US-D836,374 Oven with gas range
US-D836,365 Stand for TV receiver
US-RE47,183 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
A method of processing a digital broadcast signal in a transmitter includes encoding signaling information including a transmission parameter channel, including...
US-1,015,9156 Mobile terminal
A mobile terminal can include a display; a case including a conductive member having a first section and a second section, the first section having a first...
US-1,015,9119 Cooking device
A cooking device according to one embodiment of the present invention includes a cooking chamber configured to provide a space in which food is cooked; a...
US-1,015,9090 Method for transmitting, to MTC device, PDSCH including downlink data, and base station therefor
One embodiment of the present specification provides a method for transmitting, to a machine type communication (MTC) device, a physical downlink shared channel...
US-1,015,9076 Method for de-configuring a cell from PUCCH resource in a carrier aggregation system and a device therefor
The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method and a device for configuring a...
US-1,015,9071 Method for transceiving downlink signal in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
Disclosed is a method for a terminal for receiving a downlink signal from a plurality of cells according to the semi-persistent scheduling (SPS) method in a...
US-1,015,9067 Method and apparatus for performing uplink transmission in a wireless communication system
A method for and apparatus for transmitting uplink transmission in a wireless communication system supporting multiple carriers is provided. A wireless device...
US-1,015,9065 Establishing additional reverse link carriers in multi-carrier wireless systems
A method and apparatus for reliably and quickly establishing multiple reverse links in multi-carrier wireless networks is provided. Signaling channels are...
US-1,015,9064 Method for multiplexing data and control information
A method for multiplexing a data information stream, including a systematic symbol and a non-systematic symbol, and a control information stream of at least...
US-1,015,9062 Method and apparatus for indicating user equipment capability in wireless communication system
A method and apparatus for configuring user equipment (UE) capability in a wireless communication system is provided. An evolved NodeB (eNB) configures a first...
US-1,015,9024 Method and apparatus for performing handover in wireless communication system
A method for supporting handover of a moving entity by a serving base station comprises transmitting a measurement configuration message including measurement...
US-1,015,8878 Method for storing motion information and method for inducing temporal motion vector predictor using same
A motion information storing method and a TMVP deriving method using the motion information storing method are provided. The motion information storing method...
US-1,015,8872 Video-encoding method, video-decoding method, and apparatus implementing same
The present invention relates to an inter-layer prediction method and to an apparatus implementing the method. The method may comprise the steps of generating a...
US-1,015,8807 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
A mobile terminal includes: a display unit configured to output an image photographed by a camera; at least one camera configured to, based on that a user input...
US-1,015,8736 Method for updating proxy service in wireless communication system and device therefor
The present specification can provide a method by which a NAN proxy client updates a proxy service in a wireless communication system, wherein the method by...
US-1,015,8678 Broadcast signal transmission device, broadcast signal receiving device, broadcast signal transmission method...
Disclosed is a broadcast signal transmission device. The broadcast signal transmission device according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: a...
US-1,015,8586 Mobile terminal configured to selectively send messages while composing message, and method of controlling therefor
A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a message inputted before or after a message reception can be selectively sent when a...
US-1,015,8517 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for...
A method for transmitting broadcast signals includes encoding service data; mapping the encoded service data to symbols; building a signal frame including the...
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