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Patent # Description
US-1,010,8037 Display device
A display device including a back cover; a guide panel positioned at a side of the back cover, the guide panel including a seating portion and a guide wall...
US-1,010,7988 Camera module
A camera module generally provided in a mobile terminal. The camera module includes a lens unit which is configured to accommodate at least one lens. An...
US-1,010,7952 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
A mobile terminal according to the present disclosure may include a body, a light-emitting device provided within the body, a display unit disposed on a front...
US-1,010,7949 Display device
A display device comprising: a light source; a wavelength conversion member to convert a wavelength of light generated from the light source and a light guide...
US-1,010,7942 Anti-reflective film having superb optical characteristics
An anti-reflective film having a stacked structure including a transparent substrate, a high refraction layer and a low refraction layer, and more specifically,...
US-1,010,7866 Battery management system for outputting signal, capable analyzing whether error has occured, and battery...
Disclosed is a battery management system for outputting a signal, capable of determining whether an error has occurred. The battery management system, according...
US-1,010,7849 Diagnostic system for a home appliance and method for diagnosing a home appliance
A diagnostic system for a home appliance, and a method for diagnosing the home appliance, the method according to one aspect including collecting consumed...
US-1,010,7507 Outdoor unit of air conditioner
The present disclosure relates to an outdoor unit of an air conditioner, the outdoor unit including a case forming a front surface and a rear surface and an...
US-1,010,7476 Luminous flux control member, light emitting device, and display device
The luminous flux control member includes a surface of incidence, a first optical surface formed to be recessed toward the surface of incidence and configured...
US-1,010,7474 Lens module and light emitting diode package including the same
Provided are a lens module and a light emitting diode package including the lens module, the lens module, including: a lens part; support parts extending from...
US-1,010,7276 Linear compressor having a deformation prevention inner stator
A linear compressor includes a cylinder defining a compression space for a refrigerant, a piston reciprocated in an axis direction within the cylinder, and a...
US-1,010,6860 Simultaneous diagnosis kit for a disease due to a respiratory virus
The present invention relates to a kit for simultaneous diagnosis of viral respiratory diseases. To be more specific, the present invention is directed to a...
US-1,010,6678 Acrylic processing aid and vinyl chloride resin composition comprising the same
The present invention relates to an acrylic processing aid and a vinyl chloride resin composition comprising the same. Specifically, the present invention...
US-1,010,6677 Thermoplastic resin composition and molded product obtained by applying same
The present invention relates to a thermoplastic resin composition with excellent chemical resistance and, more specifically, to a resin composition for blow...
US-1,010,6194 Display apparatus and vehicle having the same
A display apparatus, a vehicle including the same, includes a sensor unit configured to acquire vehicle periphery information, and an interface unit configured...
US-1,010,6073 Lighting apparatus for vehicle
A lighting apparatus for a vehicle includes a main lens; a light source device configured to emit light; and a first reflecting unit provided in a partial area...
US-1,010,5919 Method for manufacturing thin polarizer, and thin polarizer manufactured using same
The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a thin polarizer, the method including: a step of preparing an unstretched polyvinyl alcohol-based...
US-1,010,5670 Heat recovery device
Disclosed are a heat recovery device and a heat recovery method. According to the heat recovery device, it is possible to recovery heat which is discontinuously...
US-1,010,5573 Watch-type mobile terminal and method for controlling same
The present invention relates to a watch-type mobile terminal and a method for controlling the same. More specifically, the present invention relates to a...
US-1,010,5463 Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization module and air conditioner including UV sterilization module
An ultraviolet (UV) sterilization module and an air conditioner including a UV sterilization module are provided. The UV sterilization module may include a...
US-1,010,5028 Cleaner
Disclosed herein is a cleaner including a main body for sucking dust on the floor in a cleaning region while actively traveling, and a marker indication device...
US-D831,919 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner
US-D831,917 Door for washing machine
US-D831,916 Door for washing machine
US-D831,915 Door for washing machine
US-D831,914 Door for washing machine
US-D831,913 Door for washing machine
US-D831,912 Door for washing machine
US-D831,816 Fan
US-D831,811 Air purifier
US-D831,810 Air purifier
US-D831,808 Humidifying fan
US-D831,807 Humidifying fan
US-D831,746 Digital signage
US-D831,693 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
US-D831,692 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
US-D831,647 Monitor data processing
US-D831,629 Mobile phone
US-D831,628 Mobile phone
US-D831,627 Mobile phone
US-D831,626 Mobile phone
US-D831,625 Mobile phone
US-D831,611 Wireless headset communication device
US-D831,604 Mobile phone
US-D831,603 Mobile phone
US-D831,602 Mobile phone
US-D831,599 TV receiver
US-D831,597 Set-top box
US-D831,590 Digital switch
US-D831,585 Controller for home automation devices
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